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Vagina Health

First allow me to make it clear that discharge (the fluid that secretes from your vaginal) is NORMAL. And it's how your vaginal self cleanses.

Some of us release more discharge than others. In order to decrease the amount of discharge on your panties (and thus reduce vaginal ordor) you can stick one CLEAN finger in your vagina and move it around the walls of your vagina and scoop out extra discharge. I'll recommend using your index finger and thumb to cover the complete circumference of your vaginal walls.

Also, ladies, when you wipe, WIPE FROM FRONT TO BACK to drag/keep bacteria AWAY from the vagina. NEVER EVER wipe back to front or side to side and NEVER double wipe! After wiping your vagina once, throw the tissue in the toilet and get another piece before proceeding to wipe again. Double wiping just smears bacteria you already wiped off your vagina all into it and it is extremely unsanitary.

As for pubic hair, it is actually really good for your vagina. It protects it from bacteria so I would recommend only shaving sometimes.

I know it is tempting to keep a bald vagina (at least for me :) ) so if you want to do it, but you have to take extra steps to fight bacteria. But at the end of the day, hair is your friend; so don't be so quick to think a hairy vagina is gross. It's usually a cleaner one ;) .

As for soaps, NEVER use regular soap on your vagina, EVER! It screws up the PH level of your vagina and cause increased vaginal odor.

Experts actually say you should not use soap on your vagina at all. They recommend you just put hot water on a rag and rub well. And this is because your vaginal is a SELF-CLEANING organ that needs to maintain a PH level between 3.5 and 4.5 to be healthy.

Soaps completely alter the PH level of your vagina, causing it to be unhealthy and to have weird side effects. But if you feel compelled to put soap on your vagina, there are SPECIAL VAGINAL SOAPS you can use. Research them and check labels for the PH.

Summer's Eve is pretty 'safe' with a PH of 3 to 3.5 (still a little off though). But it's the one I use when I use soap so I'd recommend it.

You can use mild vaginal soaps, nut I'll like to point out that NOTHING is safer for your vagina than a hot rag and water. Because, soaps can cause irritation, vaginal odor, and even vaginal infections as it alters the PH. So if your vagina itches, it is probably your soap.

And when you do use any kind of soap on your vagina, NEVER put it inside your vagina. ONLY use it on the outer areas of your vagina. PLEASE REMEMBER that your vagina is way mre susceptible to infections and STDs when it's PH is off, so WATCH YOUR PH LEVELS.

Also remember to always urinate after sex to reduce bacteria build-up in your vagina, it only takes 2 seconds to do so. So please do it!

Make sure you eat lots of yogurt and drink lots of cranberry juice and water! It's really good for your vagina.

If you are putting any spray/perfume or deodorizer on your vagina, DON'T! it's not safe. Put it on your thigh instead to freshen the area.

Okay, so now that I've given a whole health lesson, I think I can continue my day in peace :D

Oh, and the LAST POINT: the BEST option for panties is cotton or none at all. Other materials dont allow the vagina to breathe and causes odor and sweat.

WAIT, ONE MORE :) NEVER put powder with talc (such as baby powder) on or near your vagina, it increases your risk for ovarian cancer!.

Take care and prosper!

by: Indigo
- @_indigomoon

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